White Fillings

White Fillings

Gone are the days when fillings are gold, silver & highly noticeable. At Dentistry On 7, we offer white fillings which blend in perfectly with you teeth. There are even more benefits that come with white fillings such as:

  • They’re virtually unnoticeable.
  • They’re great for chipped, broken or decayed front teeth.
  • They provide strong & long lasting colour.
  • They contain no toxic mercury or heavy metals like in traditional silver fillings.
  • They can be placed by the dentist in one visit.

Fees & Insurance

We provide free consultations with a dentist or denturist. There is a fee if an examination is required. Prices are standardized according to the Ontario Dental Association fee guide. If you have insurance, we will happily submit your claim electronically so that you’ll be reimbursed much sooner. Yay!

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