Dentures can be a great solution when teeth fall out. Missing teeth are common occurrences that if left untreated can cause greater damage such as gum disease, headaches, jaw pain, bone loss & even more lost teeth. Not to mention reduced food options and the loss of a flawless smile.

We offer several solutions such as full dentures, partial dentures, fixed bridges & dental implants. Our in-house denturist, Ricky Kwan will work with you to assess the best possible solution. Other benefits we offer:

  • Premium materials at an affordable price.
  • State-of-the-art fabrication process.
  • Personalized to each individual’s needs.
  • On-site denture repairs.
  • Emergency repairs.
  • Same day relines.

Fees & Insurance

We provide free consultations with a dentist or denturist. There is a fee if an examination is required. Prices are standardized according to the Ontario Dental Association fee guide. If you have insurance, we will happily submit your claim electronically so that you’ll be reimbursed much sooner. Yay!

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